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Diana's Web Site

My name is Diana, this is my personal web site. I love music, and dance, mainly punta, this is a dance from Honduras, my country, yes because I am hondurenian and very proud of that from La Lima, (little New York), no Lima, Peru, but La Lima, Cortes, Honduras, Central America. Now I live in USA, in North Carolina, and miss  my country and my family. diana lopez paty lima honduras home bussines

I have three daughters one of 16 years, another one 11 and the little one 10. The oldest is Maryuri, the middle one Scarleth and the little one is Luisa.This girls are my most pressure treasure and my reason of existence.

I am a friendly and popular person. I like so swim in the beach or in rivers, and watch TV from Honduras to know what is going on in my country for this reason I have here in my web site channel  66 Maya TV, from Honduras.
 Although I was born in San Pedro Sula, I was raised in La lima and I have live there always, so I consider my self to be from La Lima 100%. I am loving, passionate and fun. My favorite colors are sky blue, black and red. I am active, I like to move, I donít like to be a long time in the same place, because I get bored.

Olimpia the is team favorite my and futbol Love I

My family is from Trinidad, Santa Barbara, Honduras I have  7 brothers and sisters by my father side, and another 7  brothers and sisters by my mother side so we are a total of 15. I was raised by my mother and my step father without knowing my father, since I was 20 I wanted to know who was my father and look for him for a long time until God help me to find him not long ago. 

I like spicy food, fried fish, and all kinds of soups and chicken. I like action movies, but not the scary ones because it gives me bad dreams in the night.

I have always dream to be an actress, singer, but unluckily I havenít have the chance. Any way I donít loose the hope that maybe some day I am going to be a singer, by the way I use to sing in the evangelical church there in la Lima. This web site was made by my husband Eric. This is a way for me to share with you my life, and if you click in some of the adds we will earn some extra money.

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